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Tiscali launches 'Voice Ready' Premium wholesale ADSL

8th May 2006

Tiscali is pleased to announce the launch of its new 'Voice Ready' Premium Wholesale ADSL (WADSL) product designed for the SME market. Tiscali will be the first to offer Guaranteed Quality over DSL (QoDSL) with enhanced care and service level agreements to support carrier class voice services. This development is in response to the increasing demand to offer QoDSL.

Historically, Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has been viewed as unreliable by the business to business market, mainly due to call quality issues and the lack of service level guarantees on ADSL lines. Now, VoIP has become an increasingly common tool as it is a low cost, reliable bandwidth alternative to leased lines, and now affordable to small to medium enterprises, small sites and even individual home workers.

The benefits of using Tiscali's Voice Ready' Premium Wholesale ADSL (WADSL) product are:

Tiscali's "Voice Ready" Premium Broadband product also complements the QoDSL Wholesale IPVPN product that it launched three years ago. This product allows for organisations of all sizes to run delay sensitive, real-time applications typically served by expensive leased lines over an inexpensive contended broadband infrastructure.

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