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Tiscali partners with Ortiga to deliver flexible and cost-effective telecoms to the small and mid-markets

5th October 2005

Tiscali, the Internet and broadband company, today announces a partnership with Ortiga, an independent business consultancy that provides Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions to business clients. The partnership will see Ortiga reselling Tiscali's IPVPN (IP Virtual Private Network), Teleworker and Broadband with Quality of Service (QoS) solutions.

The partnership will enable Ortiga to offer a full portfolio of networked IT and Telecommunications solutions to its clients. Of Tiscali's range of communications solutions, it is QoS (Quality of Service over DSL) that will become a vital ingredient for Ortiga's clients when deploying real-time applications such as voice or video across their data networks.

Tim Gain, managing director of Ortiga says, "Historically the small and mid-markets have been massively under catered for by major providers. The traditional Virtual Network Operators's are mainly focused on enterprise clients but we can now offer a flexible approach to networked IT solutions for businesses of all sizes."

Nathan Francis, general manager of Tiscali Business Services, says "We were very keen to get Ortiga on board as a partner. As a company it is 100% focused on the needs of its clients and begins each project with a business consultancy approach. Having this kind of client relationship means Ortiga can design and implement solutions which truly deliver."

Mr Gain continues; "Tiscali is a leading force in the UK market and offers excellent levels of service and a robust, reliable network. Its investment in new services, such as QoS, make it a brand that underpins our credibility and enables us to offer solutions to our clients which genuinely drive their business in terms of increased productivity and reduced costs."

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