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2nd June 2007

PRESS RELEASE - Jungle247.com

Key points:

LAUNCHING today, Jungle247.com is a new broadband provider that is planning to take the business - and soon the residential - markets by storm, thanks to its unique content proposition.

The company, which is headed by Hugh Logan, the former MD of Your Communications, is starting by offering SMEs a competitively priced unlimited 8Mb broadband package, which is powered by Tiscali UK, and a suite of free business critical software, which includes Sage's TAS Books 2, Ability Office 2007, Panda AV/AS, guaranteed service level agreements and a full UK-based customer support team.

"The proposition behind Jungle247's brand is basically about providing a whole new way for businesses to buy their broadband while getting access to software that will undoubtedly help them to grow," said Hugh Logan, Jungle247's Chairman.

"Never before has an offering come to the market saying, 'get your broadband here and then get thousands of pounds of leading business software with no upfront cost'. That, as far as I can see, is what people really want…broadband with content!"

The company has tied up a deal with leading ISP Tiscali UK to provide the unlimited 8Mb broadband and has taken the proactive steps to ensure that customers receive the best possible connections based on their locations.

Aside from the previously mentioned Sage accountancy software that is included with Jungle247.com, the company has also joined forces with Formjet plc, a leading software developer specialising in the field of office and Internet security applications.

"Formjet bring a huge amount of experience in business applications with them. The joint venture with Formjet means that we can include critical software, such as Ability Office 2007 and Panda Internet Security, and provide them with no upfront cost to all of our users," continued Logan.

Boasting a unique alliance, Jungle247.com's joint venture with Formjet plc will see both parties sign a reseller agreement to provide mutually beneficial sales channels; Jungle247.com to take full distribution management of Formjet's high street retail offerings and to co-market (with full technical support) the innovative 'Office in a Box' solution, which will be available across the UK in a wide range of business supply outlets.

Lyndon Chapman, Chairman of Formjet plc, said: "The venture with Jungle247.com provides a direct channel to market for our core products. As the target audience is SME, we are confident given our own market experience that our applications, combined with Jungle's Broadband provision, is perfectly aligned with what businesses need to help them grow.

"I am even more excited about the Office in a Box (OIAB) solution that has been developed with start-up businesses in mind. It comes with Jungle's broadband, our leading business applications, a wireless router and much, much more. What makes this package particularly interesting is the low price point, meaning that businesses do not need to invest heavily in applications, leaving them more money in the bank to build their enterprise and market their business in the early stages!"

Jungle247.com's business provision is backed by strict service level agreements and all technical help and telesales will be done within the UK and not through a foreign call centre, an aspect that Logan believes will help to build good relationships with their clients.

Hugh Logan is confident that his company will hit the right note with SME customers: "We believe, based on a lot of market research, that our business offering is a 'straight forward, plain talking, common-sense tool for SME businesses.

"The excitement for Jungle doesn't end there though. We are preparing to launch a residential service later in the year, which will follow the same principles as the business package. Reliable and fast 8Mb unlimited broadband, with games - including the latest chart-toppers, hit music and classic audiobooks and much more!

"I'm certain that our offerings will grow over time and we're already in the early phases of building new working relationships with more content providers."



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