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DSL based VPNs represent the largest growth area within the VPN arena. The advent of this technology has opened up new opportunities where networking was not previously financial viable.

Short lead times for delivery and flexible contract terms drive a compelling proposition within key market sectors, such as retail. The always-on service provides a perfect platform for non intensive bandwidth applications such as CHIP n PIN, alarms, EPOS and monitoring services.

Tiscali is the 3rd largest provider of W

services outside of BT and the only provider of the three to offer DSL business services. Our large consumer base allows us to share costs and provide DSL MPLS services at close to retail prices. Even at these low cost entry points Tiscali is able to offer an SLA against availability of service.

Tiscali has the largest UK Datastream Network in terms of reach and users. Using DataStream to provide DSL allows Tiscali to offer business grade DSL services such as 10:1, 5:1, 2.5:1 and 1:1 that would not be possible to achieve over IPStream solutions.

Please download a copy of our solution overview (PDF, 211Kb) that outlines what our solution delivers to your business.

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