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Technology Partners

Tiscali Business Services work with a number of key technology partners are various levels:

  1. Capability Partner – This is where Tiscali work with a technology partner to develop and deliver elements of our service. This may be a simple supplier relationship or it may involve technology or architecture development and on-going collaboration.
  2. CPE Interoperability – The Tiscali QoDSL service is compatible with a range of CPE. The range of approved CPE is constantly evolving and we are working with a number of vendors to ensure that their solutions are compatible with our services.
  3. Manufacturer / Vendor – Tiscali’s Wholesale ADSL and IPVPN services connect and enable communications across a broad range of vendor platforms. Tiscali’s approach to equipment is agnostic, but we share many relationships through our Business Partners. These are listed below, but our services work with many more.
Technology Partner Profile
Capability Partner CPE Interoperability Manufacturer / Vendor
Cisco yes yes yes
Huawei yes yes yes
Virtual Access   yes yes
Alcatel     yes
Avaya     yes
Mitel     yes
Samsung     yes
Extreme Networks     yes
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